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just like Jace i ship Jamie with everyone 

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simon worried about jace’s well being (◡‿◡✿)

simon wanting to feed jace (✿◠‿◠)

jace following simon around when clary isn’t available cause he’s the second best option (◕‿◕✿)

jace and simon bickering while choosing food (✿◠‿◠)

jace and simon scheming together (◕‿◕✿)

jace and simon bonding…

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Simon rose up. He moved with incredible speed, knocking Jace sideways and rolling on top of him. Jace’s head hit the metal floor, his ears ringing as Simon’s teeth sank into his neck. He tried to twist away, but the other boy’s arms were like iron bars, pinning him to the ground, fingers digging into his shoulders.
But Simon wasn’t hurting him—not really—the pain that had started out sharp faded to a sort of dull burn, pleasant the way the burn of the stele was sometimes pleasant. A drowsy sense of peace stole through Jace’s veins and he felt his muscles relax; the hands that had been trying to push Simon away a moment ago now pressed him closer. He could feel the beat of his own heart, feel it slowing, its hammering fading to a softer echo. A shimmering darkness crept in at the corners of his vision, beautiful and strange. Jace closed his eyes—
Pain lanced through his neck. He gasped and his eyes flew open; Simon was sitting up on him, staring down with wide eyes, his hand across his own mouth. Simon’s wounds were gone, though fresh blood stained the front of his shirt.
Jace could feel the pain of his bruised shoulders again, the slash across his wrist, his punctured throat. He could no longer hear his heart beating, but knew it was slamming away inside his chest.,
Simon took his hand away from his mouth. The fangs were gone. “I could have killed you,” he said. There was a sort of pleading in his voice.
“I would have let you,” said Jace.

- The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes (Chapter 19: Dies Irae)

* pretty sure Simon’s not wearing glasses during this scene but i just feel like adding them. Tried to make it more dramatic with the cracked lens but I suck at making that effect lol.


So, I’m reading City of Fallen Angels and I think I’m starting to ship Jace and Simon….oops.

same here

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Original art by: 燈野 in 近期落書きまとめ【中国语注意】 

近期落書きまとめ【中国语注意】 | 燈野 [pixiv] http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=34558588

An artist’s rendition of how s/he thinks Saruhiko might look like at age 29. Damn. Misaki is one lucky bastard…

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"I’m third year Akiyama Himori. Please take good care of me."

I’m not sure if anyone has posted this, but ah, well it’s relevant to the blog

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"If you lose sight of something, 
the only person who can find it again is you."

- Toshizou Hijikata
<for my friend, whostolemypanda>
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•those narusaku fans who are anti Sasuke but claim to like him but don’t approve of his behavior -__-

•those sasusaku fans who are anti Naruto -but claim to like him but don’t approve of his behavior __-

•those naruhina fans who are anti Sakura and think Hinata is a better character / heroine /…

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The only reason people want Sasuke back in Konoha is for pairings. They could careless about Sasuke or what the village did to his family.

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I think I’m goin to jail but either way I had a blast.

you mean prison right?

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"…his rival and best friend and constant companion"

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